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ENOVIO has served the agricultural machinery market for 35 years.

Our expertise allows us to identify with you the appropriate material for the product in question.

The use of the product may require the use of recycled or bio-compostable material.

Mechanical stress, shock absorption, waterproofing, resistance to UV or chemicals are all constraints that we integrate into the design of the product.

Are you looking to lightweight your mechanical part? Plastic is becoming the alternative to metal.

Thanks to our know-how in machining, combined with our expertise in plastic and rubber injection, we have developed multi-component products that meet complex specifications.

Our machine fleet allows us to manufacture your parts in small, medium and large series, according to your needs.

Key sectors

Floristry, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment, weather sensors, GPS, irrigation systems, spraying.

Key materials

Rubber: natural and synthetic 
Plastic:  PE, PA, PP, TPE, PEEK, PPS
Metal: steel, aluminium, treatment, paint


Containers for florists, seals and profiles of cabins for agricultural vehicles, plastic parts for agricultural equipment

Our know-how

  • Co-design
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • Advice on the choice of materials
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling production
  • Assembly
  • Painting, flocking
  • Control room
  • Re-grinding of plastic scraps Logistics


Being a French industrial company in constant search of innovation, promising and responsible challenges, we necessarily recognize ourselves in the values ​​carried by La French Fab !