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ENOVIO has been supplying industry with rubber parts, plastic parts and mechanical parts for 35 years.

We put our know-how and experience at the service of industry to resolve their problems of sealing, vibration or the need for customised mechanical parts.

Our injection workshops have the capacity to manufacture parts for industry in large, medium and small series.

We have expertise in both rubber and thermoplastic (TP) to meet your acoustic and aesthetic constraints, as well as your budget and deadlines. 

Our mechanical workshop with state-of-the-art machines allows us to provide you with technical and precise parts, whether for the arms industry or the food industry for example.

Key sectors

Electronics, aeronautics, medical, food, rail, communities, laboratories, research centres, pharmaceuticals.

Key materials

Rubber: natural and synthetic, high temperature
Plastic: PE, PA, PP, TPE, PEEK, TPS.  Food, medical and electrical standard
Metal:  Aluminium, steel, titanium and stainless steel


Engine parts, cockpit structure, aluminium housing for electronics, anti-vibration unit, bearing surface, container for anaesthetic product, urinary catheter, wine chain, waterproofing, research, public lighting, lifting equipment.

Our know-how

  • Co-design
  • Optimisation of production costs
  • Advice on the choice of materials
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling production
  • Assembly
  • Painting, flocking
  • Control room
  • Re-grinding of plastic scraps
  • Logistics


Being a French industrial company in constant search of innovation, promising and responsible challenges, we necessarily recognize ourselves in the values ​​carried by La French Fab !